Thursday, October 29, 2015

I was reading an article about the Genie Instant Food Cooker, a new, miniature, instant food cooker that is being developed in Israel and is primed to make a big splash in the food preparation market. No global launch has been set yet and when it does make its way to us, I read it will cost several hundred dollars. The Genie uses pods with freeze-dried ingredients in them – which it can turn into a full meal in as little as 30 seconds. It sounded like something right out of the Jetsons (an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera, originally airing in primetime from September 23, 1962, to March 17, 1963). It prompted me to Google it, and yes, there was an instant meal machine on the Jetsons. 

How many other things came true in the Jetsons? I found this interesting read, "8 Far-Out 'Jetsons' Contraptions That Actually Exist Today". Just some quirky, fun reading for today!

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